Anjou, Maine and Touraine

Counties, viscounties and lordships of medieval Anjou, Maine and Touraine


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Anjou, Maine and Touraine   (Counties and Viscounties)

Touraine (county), Vendôme(county), Amboise (lordship), Loches (lordship), Montbazon(Montba, lordship)

Maine (county)

Anjou (county), Pouancé (Pou, lordship), Craon (lordship), Beauveau (B, lordship), Segré (S, lordship), Château Gontier (CG, lordship), Beaufort (Be, lordship), Précigné (P, lordship), Durtal (D, lordship), La Fleche (F, lordship), Le Lude (Lu, lordship), Mauges (Lu, county), Saumur (Sau, lordship) Brezé (B, lordship), Montreuil Bellay (MB, lordship),

Counts and dukes of Anjou
888 - 909 Ingelger
909 - 942 Foulque I. (le Roux)
942 - 960 Foulque II. ((le Bon)
960 - 987 Geoffroy I. (Grisegonelle)
987 - 1040 Foulque III. (Nerra)
1040 - 1060 Geoffroy II. (Martell)

Plantagenet (counts of Anjou and Gâtinais)
1060-1068 Geoffroy III. (le Barbou)
1068-1109 Foulque IV. (le Réchin)
-1106 Geoffroy IV. (Martel)
1109-1129 Foulque V. (le Jeune), king of Jerusalem(1095-1143)
1129-1151 Geoffroy V. (Plantagenet), count of Normandy(1144-1150)
1151-1189 Henri I., king of England(1154-1189)
1151-1189 Richard I.(Coeur de Lion), king of England(1189-1199)

Counts of Maine
820-839 Rorgon I.
839-849 Gauzbert
849-865 Rorgon II.
865-878 Gauzfrid
878-885 Ragenold
886-893, 895-900 Roger
893-895 Gauzlin II.

Second house of Maine (Hugonides)
900-950 Hugues I.
950-992 Hugues II.
992-1015 Hugues III.
1015-1035 Herbert I. (Éveille Chien)
1035-1051 Hugues IV.
1051-1062 Herbert II.

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