Holy Rome mod

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a mod for Knights of Honor

The mod isn't fully finished. But I think that those who know my work and can believe me it really is palyable (but with higher danger of loss) can download it since now

There will be some more changes, even in the mapchanges pack, but not the most important ones. The same in the mod.

What isn't done now is list of changes and some details (I'm not decided yet about adding of some new buildings (such as "master fletcher" - upgrade of fletcher - for crossbows and longbows, "madrase" and "zawiya" as special muslim buildings - if those will be added, hospital will become specificaly christian building)

But I would like to see some feedback to make the final version as perfect as possible

Important - How to play with HR 1.8 beta
unless you use only mapchanges
1) be carefull before declaring war to any kingdom. Better try to isolate them from their allies. Especialy once you have more than 4 provinces.
2) don't hesitate to accept trade agreements from far and not really important kingdoms. You might find them very usefull once all your neighbours will declare war on you and your trading partners will break agreements
3) Always have reliable spy in your court

Holy Rome 1.8 beta

Holy Rome 1.8 mapchanges

no intro fix

To install the mod you need to have programm called PakMan(downloadable in [url]http://forum.sunflowers.de/showthread.php?t=3255[/url])
before you install the mod,make backups of defs.pak,europe.pak and texts.pak!!(I recomend to create "Knights of Honor\backup" folder and move them there

Use PakMan
) make backup of the files: Knights of Honor/packs/defs.pak, europe.pak and texts.pak
2) run PakMan
3) open defs.pak
4a) right-click on any file in defs.pak
4b) follow: extract all files - to original directories (look at PakMan.jpg in the pack how to do it exactly)
5) do the same (step 4a and 4b) with europe.pak and texts.pak (and then close PakMan, you won't need it)
6) look that you have now new folders in your KoH directory (there shuold be following: defs, images, maps, movies, packs, system, Texts
7) extract the HR mod
8) copy the files from HR mod to your KoH directory - files from HR/defs should replace files in your Knights of Honor/defs etc.
9) check if the files are copied in right places (for example try to open Knights of Honor/defs/Quests and there should be now much more files. The third quest should be unite_almoravids.ini which wouldn't be there if the mod isn't installed properly)
10) check if there is new folder in your KoH directory (Knights of Honor/images) which was not there before you installed the mod (so now there should be following folders: defs, images, maps, packs, system, Texts)
check also Installation1jpg and instalation-defs-quests.jpg if your mod is installed right - your folders should include same folders/files as are on the pics
11) run Knights of Honor and enjoy itsteps 3-5 are done in PakMan

a) Remove the "defs", "images", "maps", "movies" and the "Texts" directories from your KoH-folder
b) In PakMan, open backup .pak files(europe.pak, defs.pak and Texts.pak) extract all files into original directories, or move all these 3 .pak files back to "Knights of Honor\paks"


Units packs for modders:

Community pack. Includes assassins, hospitaliers, baltic cavalry, turkic tarkans, byzantine spearmen, baltic cavalry and hussites

Middle east scenario obsolete download